Saturday, January 30, 2016

We've moved!

We have officially made the move to Radionomy! All in all this is a good move for the station and we think you'll like the changes too. Some of the changes you'll notice immediately are:

1) Higher quality music - Instead of our music streaming at 64k it will now stream at 128k which translates into a higher quality sound.

2) Less advertisements - Ads should only run for two minutes every hour.

3) You don't have to leave our main website; you can simply now click the link to the right and the music streams from the embedded player.

If you typically listen to us on your phone you'll need to download the Radionomy app and search for us there. We'll eventually be on other streaming services in the near future (Tune In, iTunes, VTuner, etc) which will only draw more listeners to the station.

Thank you so much for your listening and support over the past 5 years!